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Not just another Michigan brand.

As store owners, we heard it all the time: "Do you carry the Michigan brand with the...?" or "Do you have the Michigan hoodie with the...?" Sure, sometimes it was phrased differently: "I'm looking for the Michigan (fill in the blank) with the lakes and the state and the..." That's when we realized all of these proud Michiganders were trying to get their hands on something that didn't actually exist. There was no "Michigan brand," no "Michigan hoodie." Shockingly, there wasn't even a "Michigan sticker!" Until now. Welcome to THE Michigan Brand. THE only place to find THE Michigan Hoodie, THE Michigan Sticker, and so much more. Michigan is THE best state, so why not get THE official gear. It's Timeless. It's Homegrown. And it's Essential for every Michigander. It's THE Michigan Brand.


Love the products and the Logo, excellent quality and customer service. Will continue to shop!!!!


I love my sweatshirt! Great customer service I will order again!!