The Michigan Sticker

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  • The authentic. The original. THE Michigan Sticker
  • Transparent background (only state outline and text show up)
  • Each sticker is 4.25" wide (approx. 4" tall)

THE Michigan Sticker is here.  

No longer do you need to chase down the latest "fad in Michigan stickers. No longer do you need to run to grab the latest trend to slap on your car and fit in with your fellow Michiganders only to drive out of the parking lot and see one that looks even more "Michigan.

There are regional Michigan stickers, there are Great Lakes stickers, there are stickers to proclaim your love for Michigan, ... but there is only one sticker that truly is THE Michigan Sticker. And you've found it.

Make sure you get one for every official Michigander you know. It's authentic, it's the original, it's THE Michigan Sticker from THE Michigan Brand.